Today We Talk Jewelry

Christmas is fast approaching! The time left to order from Etsy shops is ticking away and we still need to talk jewelry! One of my favorite things in life is to give wonderful, original, and unexpected gifts! Nothing says thoughtfulness like jewelry that is all things creative, and anything but department store. Today I want to point you to a few of Etsy shops I have perused, favorited and pointed my hubby to for Christmas……..

Lovelies from Wingbysea (doesn’t that name just conjure an image?……)
….”an eclectic jewelry collection”……

…. an ethereal Etsy shop called TenThings, from Kerri…a “casual girl with a mad obsession to create”………. amazing pretties…..


……”georgous handmade gemstone and glass jewelry”……….from GlitzGlitter

Please, stop by these amazing Etsy shops and show them some handmade Christmas love…..

See you soon for a scrumptious recipe or two to help with your Handmade/Vintage Etsy Christmas!

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  1. Sara, you are the sweetest! Thank you so much for featuring my little offerings along with the other gorgeous jewelry from wingsbysea and tenthings. I am honored!

  2. Those jewelries are nice. love that brown dangling earrings..

  3. Great variety of bling! 100 followers too, YEAH!!!! :O)

  4. Beautiful Jewelry!

  5. Love that second necklace!


  6. Amazing creations. Thanks for introducing those to everyone.

    I received my necklaces today. Thank you so much! I’m going to blog about them, but I don’t know when ’cause I’m thinking about giving one of them as a gift to my daughter and she reads my blog. 🙂 They’re lovely… I can’t wait to wear one.

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