Funnest Etsy Miscellaneity…….

Yes, my title today does consist of words that you won’t be able to find in the dictionary…I find that made up words sometimes have just the impact I’m looking for, even if that impact is making people wonder if I ever really got past the second grade…..
Kidding aside, I know I promised recipes, but I realized that the time for ordering from Etsy is growing shorter and shorter, and there will still be plenty o’ time for the baking when the deadline for ordering has come and gone. And so, today, we’re talking ‘funnest Etsy miscellaneity’ which is just a really awkward and harder-to-read method of describing some other fun gift ideas from Etsy. So, please, take a moment and look……. and mull over the items….. check your shopping list and just click…the pictures will take you to the item, and then you can search each Etsy shop more thoroughly…….

‘Julia’ butcher’s apron from SaraSmedley……
‘Berries in the Snow’ glass bead keychain or purse pull from GlassRiverJewelry
Flower Shower wallet by Batwa

‘Have a Groovy Day’ soap by ASliceofDelight

Sprouts Metallic fine art photographic print from Chefjen137……..
Sunglasses case by BeeyourselfDesign

Black Flower Garden Belt buckle by JenniferKent
Women’s Abbey Road vintage soft American Apparel Tee by Zenthreads

I hope some of these have been helpful in your holiday shopping and your Etsy handmade/vintage Christmas. I, for one, can tell you that if Hubby doesn’t order in time for Christmas, Twillypop’s gonna have one-heck-of-a post Christmas shopping spree……all in the name of supporting other Etsians……merely thinking of others…….
Thanks for stopping in again. Next week we’ll be talking recipes and I’m feeling a new necklace somewhere in the mix……

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  1. Very nice founds!

  2. That sprouted tomato was awesome! :O)

  3. Hey, can I use that excuse? Hon, I’m just helping others….? Very nice.

  4. what a sweet thing to support other etsy owners:) these things are amazing ill have to check them out! i did a whole etsy chrsitmas list and sent it to my fam and boy, so fingers crossed i get some, or else ill be right there with you going on an etsy shopping spree! xo.

  5. Those Berries are too cute! As you know, I already got my Christmas gift, so maybe I can negotiate for another one, to be opened no sooner than Christmas Day…! I should send this link to my boyfriend! 🙂

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