A Few Steps Behind

Today is one of those days when I fall three steps behind for every one step forward……A new blog post just isn’t in the cards today! But, in keeping with the theme of ‘Helping You Have a Handmade Christmas’ , I have posted at the top of my blog a few of my favorites, please take a minute to browse, and if something strikes you, by all means, click on it and visit the seller. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be seeing you soon….

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  1. Thanks Sara, will go cyber-visiting!

  2. What fabu items – thanks for posting this.

  3. Hi Sara! I love your favorites! pretty, pretty!

  4. Could you have set this up any more perfectly?

    Go pinch yourself once for me, would ya!?!?!? This is not a dream. :O)

  5. you’ll catch up soon! Take your time!

  6. I love all of your choices! Seriously, makes my shopping SO much easier!!

  7. love your favorite things, and what a classic song!!! happy day to you 🙂

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