Xena the Glamazon Sugar Pusher: Twillypop Confessions Pt. 2

Time for another short respite from the necklaces, as I continue tell you a little more about myself, peeling off the layers of crazy a few at a time…….

#7 I have been likened to xena the warrior princess by more than one man, on more than one occasion. People assure me that this is a compliment although I couldn’t quite figure out how it could be one. Methinks it must be one of those little known compliments in disguise…….and leads nicely into the next one…..
#6 I love to lift weights. I mean all out “pump iron.” I’m talking face contorting, guttural noising, sweat dripping, lift weights. I’m an admirer of old school arnold….use his training manual…..a lot, AND watch his 70’s documentary ….a lot…. My good friend, when I have lamented being a “big” girl, has taken to calling me a glamazon. It took me a while to come around on that one….

#5 and the reason for the picture of pumpkin bread…I love to bake. I really love to bake. At Christmastime I have been known to bake upwards of 20 varieties of Christmas cookies. I love to bake, but my love of baking sweets doesn’t exactly mesh with #6, my fitness goals. What is a girl who loves to bake, but not to eat the treats to do?………..give them away! This is how I came to be known to those close to me as “the sugar pusher.” A certain member of my family, who I don’t want to name (UNCLE CRAIG) has taken to calling me by this…..name. He accuses me of pushing sweets in the same way that a drug dealer pushes drugs, except mine is more addictive…..I just figure, that if people are going to eat sweets anyway, they might as well eat Sara (me), not Sara Lee……I just have to think of this as another one of those compliments in disguise. I seem to get a lot of these……

…….and there you have it, three more layers of my crazy. I’ll be back Monday with a fun giveaway…at least I think it’s fun , and I’m super sane so………….

after monday’s post, more Holiday Partywear and a new ‘Something Old, Something New’, so stay tuned…..

P.S. I would love to hear any of your stories of compliments in disguise, or perhaps a ‘layer of crazy’ that you’re willing to share. Thanks for stopping by…..
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  1. so interesting Sara and funny, too!

    wow! a body builder, a baker and a warrior..can’t wait to hear what’s next.

  2. Glamazon is a total compliment. Wonder Woman…. HELLO!!!!

    Speaking of secrets, The Warrior is my all time #1 dance in your room with the door closed, singing your head off big 80’s song. Even made the finger guns to “bang bang”. Big 80’s hair, leg warmers, leggins and huge checkered shirts. Stylin’ I know! :O)

  3. One of the best things about the blogging world is finding out a little bit more “behind the scenes”. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one of those off handed compliments but know I’ve stopped to think about several and realized…hmm…that was a bit weird?!?! Soemhow, I can’t picture you lifting weights…even Arnold style! Now the sweet pusher…I’ll send you my address 😉

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is awesome!

  5. Just stopped in to take a peak….and Love It!!! You seem like an energetic, amazing person. Wish we could go for a latte and some pumpkin bread:)

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