The Winner of the Twillypop Giveaway: The Wendy

It’s time to unveil the Wendy. Wendy from All in a Day’s Thought said, “I love blues and all of the colors of nature….”and, “… is my favorite color…..” When asked to pinpoint the particular style of Twillypop that caught her eye Wendy chose the simplest of Twillypop styles, the Melonie, understated elegance and sweetness in the simple combination of ribbon and beads.I chose a blue satin ribbon, the color of the sky on the clearest summer day, and paired it with two different gemstone beads. The beads I used are chalcedony and Sri Lanka sapphire, each a brilliant color blue, one just slightly cloudier than the other, to recall the “perfect imperfections” that are so reminiscent of nature. I wanted to keep the Wendy simple in form, in order to spotlight Wendy’s favorite color and the pure beauty found in the colors of nature……..

Thanks again to all who participated. I had so much fun that I’ve decided that I’m going to have one of these giveaways once every couple of months, so keep your eyes and ears open for your next chance to become a Twillypop…..
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  1. Lucky girl…gorgeous Wendy! Trust me…I’ll be tuning in for the next!

  2. Beautiful. Wendy will love it! Your photos are so well done too. Congrats again, Wendy!

  3. The Wendy is a beautiful breath of fresh air, Sara… You did a wonderful job and I am sure that she will love it…as will many others! 🙂

  4. I absolutely love this piece! The blues compliment each other very well 🙂 Love your etsy shop…and congrats Wendy!

  5. Congrats to Wendy!!! And lucky girl she is, what a great color 😉

  6. This turned out gorgeous! LUCKY Wendy!

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