Venturesome Bronte: The Twillypop Answer for the 5 Word Game

There is a blog game circulating around some of the blogs I visit wherein someone passes 5 seemingly unrelated words to someone else to write with, including them in a post. Karen R. Evans has extended the game to whosoever chooses to grab the words and run…….

The words she challenged us with: zone, ring, dust, pineapple, elephant………..

How would I incorporate these words into a necklace post?……Bronte is the answer.

Introducing Bronte. Bronte is strong in character and presence. She is bold and unabashed. Invincible. She is as comfortable shopping on Melrose, as she is clinging to the face of a mountain on belay…..she’s equally at home in a limo on Park Avenue, or bareback on an elephant in India….She lets no dust collect under her feet, absolutely refusing to live in a danger-free zone. So, don’t ring her on Sunday…..she’s likely to be off on safari in Africa, or rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. Her life knows no bounds……

Bronte is reminiscent of Zoe with the thick, antiqued gold-tone chain, intertwined with signature Twillypop…. This time, earthy brown grosgrain and large cracked quartz crystal balls. Dangling in a devil may care manner from her chain are different sizes and colors of beads, from oversized grass green faceted glass beads, to baked pineapple Swarovski crystals……..The colors of Bronte recall her love of adventure and nature, while the gold and crystals speak of her elegance and sophistication….

And that’s a Twillypop answer for the 5 word game. Stop back this weekend and check out the Wendy……

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  1. Love it!

  2. I actually know a Bronte, yes she’s 4 years old but that’s besides the point. She’s an international baby and the description of this new Twillypop suits her just fine. Good job! Beautiful necklace. My Bronte will have to grow into it since she’s so small.

  3. Oh, Sara, I love Bronte, it’s different and lovely, rugged and pretty! I love your use of the five words. Hey, I knew you could do it! Thanks for playing the game!

  4. thanks for visiting, and love your list!!

    xoxo Laura

  5. Very pretty!

  6. Gorgeous, darling!


  7. LOVE your creations, they are beautiful! Signed up to “follow” you!! I follow you on Twitter as @ByYourSide2009.
    I have a blog too, would love to “see” you there!

  8. Well done! Clever post and gorgeous necklace 🙂

  9. What a nice blog! And how nice jewellary! I just became a follower. Would be happy, if you have a look at my blog, too. There is a lucky draw this month…

  10. What a gorgeous necklace!

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