Make More Holidays Merry and Bright

I wondered if you would take a couple of minutes to scroll to the bottom and watch the video clip “Change My Christmas” before you read this post…………. (you may want to pause the mixpod at the right.)

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that my husband calls me Christmas girl. I’m highly sentimental when it comes to Christmas (who isn’t?) I love Christmas and all the festivities surrounding it. I’m thankful for my husband and kids, and a large, extended family with whom to celebrate. I’m thankful that we are safe, and healthy, and have a cozy home. I’m thankful that we are able to stuff ourselves silly on huge meals, and eat enough Christmas cookies to put ourselves into a sugar coma. I’m just plain thankful, and that is what makes my Christmas special to me. I am richer than I will probably ever realize….
Enter: the above video that reminds me that much of the world has not even one of the blessings I mentioned above, and the awareness that, without even realizing it, I buy into what many of the stores are selling… know..the things we “need” in order for our holiday to be truly “merry and bright.” Last year I tried to be more aware of what I was buying at Christmas, and this year I hope to be even more careful to not buy into the commercialism.
So, going along, hand in hand, with my handmade and vintage Christmas I’m going to be donating 10% of each necklace I sell from now until Christmas to a charity called Love146 that deals with helping girls out of the sex trade industry. Please understand that this is not a marketing gimmick for more Christmas sales, it’s the cry of my heart to want to help a world that is so hurting, as I stand knowing that I’m blessed beyond belief……

So, as we are committing to buying more vintage and handmade, less trips to the shopping mall, lunches out, eggnog lattes, less impulsivity and buying just because it was on sale (she won’t notice that it’s puke brown…) Let us be aware of what we are saving, and perhaps put those savings to good use……

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  1. Excellent reminder. Love the way you broke it down and pointed to what really matters. :O)

  2. I love this–more vintage and handmade. . . and putting what we are saving to good use. I’m right there with you.

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