Island Princess

Tasie…….in legend, Tasie was princess of an island…..she was said to have been the most beautiful woman in the world with her dazzling blue eyes and long black curly tresses…….

Meet Tasie. The newest Twillypop chic and, I’m ready to say, my absolute favorite so far……
She’s so simple, yet seems so complex….Huge irregular cerulean glass crystal beads, alternated with smaller, round faceted ones of like color……the color of the sky on the clearest November day…..a color so deep, you could sit and stare and never fully comprehend the beauty….all strung from luxe, double sided jet black satin ribbon……
Tasie…island princess…can you see her dancing on the sand?…….
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  1. I could definitely see that! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the history lesson this is simply beautiful!!

  3. LOVE this one!!! BEAUTIFUL work!!
    JEN xoxo

  4. Aloha baby! :O)

  5. Love the blue colors, hey it matches your blog background!

  6. the blue tine looks wunderful. i like the story

  7. I could definitely see ME wearing that one dancing in the sand! Love the color…so evocative of the Caribbean water!

  8. LOVE ribbons and beads together ~ Beautiful things you have created! I have saved you as a Favorite!!

  9. Love the necklace! xoxo


  10. Love it

  11. So pretty!

  12. this is gorgeous! any chance someone from the philippines can order from you? 🙂

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