Helping You Have a Handmade Christmas

Happy Weekend after Thanksgiving! Time to really start thinking about Christmas? Shopping, baking, wrapping? I have decided that from now until Christmas I want to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and help you have a more handmade Christmas. For newcomers, Etsy can seem overwhelming. There are so many amazing vintage and handmade shops, but where to start? For the upcoming month I want to point you to some of my favorite Etsy shops. Along with that, I’m also going to be sharing some recipes and favorite handmade projects to help you really love on people this Christmas. We’re bringing handmade back in a big way this Christmas!

Today I want to start with a couple shops that made it impossible for me NOT to buy a little something for myself…even if the holidays are quickly approaching!

This is a checkbook cover that I purchased from a shop called Hands Full Creations….’fun purses and accessories for your everyday life.’ As you look at the picture, I’m sure it’s abundantly obvious to you why I couldn’t resist ordering one! The shop is absolutely full of purses, wallets, glasses cases, and more. All in the most beautiful, fun, colorful prints and styles. The wallets and checkbook covers would make fantastic stocking stuffers, and the purses…..well…, are you reading? hint…hint…….

The other Etsy Shop I would like to tell you about today is called Dolce Vita Mia : Handmade Sweetness! This is a pin ordered from this shop (again, I know you don’t think ill of me for buying myself such an irresistible pin!) I wear it quite often, on blazers and as shown on what I call my cutie patootie jean jacket. I love this pin and think that it would make the most wonderful stocking stuffer or gift for a coworker! Mia’s shop is full of headbands adorned with blooms for girls of all ages…What fantastic shower gift! Mia is happy to put her blooms onto pins upon request……..would it be excessive for me to own one in every color?
Thanks for stopping by….stay tuned all December for more shops, ideas, and recipes, some of which I have even begrudged my sisters up until now…after all, I am “Christmas Girl.”
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  1. Yes, Christmas Girl, you are! Thank you so much for featuring my flower! I think it looks FANTASTIC on your jacket! I will surely be stopping by your blog often in the next few weeks to get lots of ideas for the holiday!

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen the pin yet…. hmmmmm. :O)

  3. ooh – I must explore these shops – thanks for sharing..

  4. Now following you!

  5. That checkbook case is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing your etsy finds – I’ll definitely be checking it out (no pun intended) =D

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