Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling) is a dreamer, plain and simple. In fact her name, Gaelic in origin, means “dream.” She is a head in the clouds, pie in the sky, dreamer. She’s simple, for she’s far too busy daydreaming to be wasting time with fussy details. Aisling has ribbon the color of a thousand tropical waters she’s seen over and over, in her mind’s eye…….Floating beneath her dreamy aqua ribbon, are giant white glass pearls beads, that resemble fluffy white clouds…the downy, flocculent clouds she stares up as she lies in the grass, watching them float by and wondering where they would take her if she hitched a ride……

……Aisling is feminine, ethereal ……and definitely dreamy……..
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  1. Can I hitch a ride with her? Clouds, tropical waters, slight breeze in my hair….. Snap(!)back to reality. Oh well :O)

  2. So gorgeous, darling!


  3. Aaaw…love those pearls and the color is stunning. I can dream….

  4. I just found you, jumping over from Karen’s blog. I LOVE your blog and your pearls.

    Mostly, I’m commenting because of the video at the bottom. It’s just wonderful! I second the motion!

  5. LOVE<3 LOVE<3 LOVE...Dreamy it is!!!

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