Something Old, Something New………

I will start by saying that I tried to will myself to walk away from this ribbon when I happened upon it…….it’s impractical, impractical, and it’s also not very practical……………
then again, I reasoned, Twillypop is not really about being practical…that’s what the rest of my life is for. Besides, the color that can only be described as lagoonish, turquoisish (I know, it’s not a word……but it should be) kept beckoning to me and i caved, telling myself I would save it for “someday.”
Well, “someday” has arrived just a short week later……too irresistable…….
Everyone, meet Stella.. She’s a real charmer. She’s lagoon turquoise velvet ribbon that’s been laced with buttercream glass pearl beads. Here’s the kicker, the reason she’s one of a kind and the first piece in a vintagey collection I’m calling ‘something old, something new’…(too verbose?…I…can’t help myself…..) is that she’s been adorned with a vintage brooch I have picked up along the way. Old pin, new soft colorful ribbon, delicate buttery pearl beads………..
Dare I ask, what do YOU think?

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  1. Love it. I need Christmas gifts for me too! :O)

  2. I love so many pieces from your collection… but this one is just exquisite! Might be my new favorite! 🙂

  3. I love it! The more vintage-y, the better, I say!

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  5. Your Blog is fabulous.
    I can’t wait to buy a necklace and show it off to all of my friends.

  6. That’s gorgeous! Love the color.

  7. How utterly beautiful! That ribbon is irresistible…

  8. Very nice…I could see myself wearing this all throught the winter white Christmas Holiday, like the ice princess I’d like to be.

  9. Love it!

  10. I know I already commented once, but is this one for sale? I cannot stop thinking about it…i adore it!

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