Shocking Pink Vintage Italian Velvet

This is Candice. She is made of Italian Velvet from the 1940’s, intermingled, once again, with oversized white glass pearl beads. I seem to be addicted to the classic elements paired with something a bit more unexpected…… Her velvet ribbon is softer, suppler, and more vibrant than any of the contemporary ribbon I’ve happened upon. This particular piece of ribbon was only long enough for a knot closure and makes for a shorter length necklace. I actually, true to Twillypop self-indulgent form, made Candice just for me….I wanted to see how well her ribbon would wear, being as old as it is but also, once again, being afraid that no one on the planet would be fruity enough to wear a shockingly pink velvet necklace. Any takers?
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  1. Love your boldness girl! :O)

  2. This is so pretty! Also, I am really enjoying my Stella – thanks again!

  3. Ooh, yes that is v pretty!

  4. thanks for following my blog. your pieces are beautiful! i’d love to review them x

    For all things fashion:

  5. really cool. i like the combination of red and creme

  6. LOVE IT!!!

  7. Ohhhh, what a fabulous color. Such an uber fun piece!

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