Grammarama: Confessions of Twillypop

I’m taking a break from the necklaces today. I received a blog award a few days ago, and when this happens i’m told that the winner is supposed to tell 10 things about themselves. I wasn’t going to do it because this blog was supposed to be for the sole purpose of getting going with the necklaces……but now i’m finding out how much fun blogging can be and i’m constantly flooded with thoughts to share on my blog. That being said, i’m still doing the necklaces, but thought it would be fun to share 10 random things about myself in small, easy to digest posts interspersed with the necklace posts.
#10 and the reason for the title of today’s post……….. i’m a total gramma when it comes to technology. up until a few months ago i hardly even checked my email….i just don’t “get” technology and i’m a bit afraid of it. i asked an old friend to explain twitter to me, while he was trying to help me grasp the concept, he was simultaneously tweeting that trying to explain it to me was like trying to help his gramma……..when he was done trying and it became clear that i would need more than a long distance, 5 minute tutorial, he texted me one word. “Grammarama.” i’m on twitter now, i tweet…… still don’t understand it, but i tweet………

#9 and the 2nd picture above…….. i have trouble taking myself seriously. that’s my “aren’t i fun and goofy and if things start to get too serious around me i’ll make this face at you” face…..i’m actually going to have to rethink this expression now that i actually see it…..even the necklaces, not serious……funny to me that i even decided to give it a try.

#8 and the last one i’ll bore you with today. drumroll please………..i have saturday night dance parties in my kitchen sometimes while i’m cooking dinner. i crank up the xm, i play dj, changing the stations to find the best music and go for it with all of my best moves. i tell you this to tell you that my kids are 9, 8, and 4 and none of them will participate. they all come and stand at the door and gawk at me. if they think i’m going to try to get them to dance, they run away…literally. they are actually embarrassed for me. it makes me thankful that my kitchen is the only place i bust a move these days…..

if you made it down this far, thanks for indulging me. i’ll be back with a couple more easy installments ’til we make it to #1. in the meantime, tune in soon for the necklaces. that is, if you can still take me seriously as a necklace designer, i mean crafter…..i mean …….girl who likes to play with colorful ribbons and beads.
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  1. All I can think of is “Bust a Move” and “Can’t Touch This” all wrapped up into one crazy dance of delight. Remind me to stalk you on Saturday nights… :O)

  2. old friend. that’s funny. -.-

  3. I know what you mean about not wanting to make those lists… I always think they interfere with the purpose of my blog as I want it be about fashion and not about me as a person! Either way it was lovely to get to know you a little better…!

  4. Cute pics!
    I am so with you on #10!


  5. Very cute…I can be a little intimidated by technology too, It takes me like 10 minutes to text, lol. I have my little parties too, when working I crank up my computer and jam as I bead, it makes it that much more fun. Cute, I will stay tuned for the rest.

  6. hey! nice pictures, great blog btw, check out ours whenever you want, we invite you to follow it,

  7. I LOVE to dance, and can’t imagine how boring life would be if I didn’t. Kudos to you! 🙂

  8. Cute pics and great blog!


  9. You made me smile as you wrote about saturday night dance parties. 🙂 My children also stand and gawk…and then do go a level further and they LEAVE the room. Oh for shame!

    Thanks for sharing of yourself…LOVING the necklaces!

  10. So in love with all of your necklaces! You go on with yo’ dancin’ self. 🙂 I just visited your store and bought myself some purties! 🙂

  11. Twillypop,

    Lists actually drive lots of blogs. Top 5 dog names, top 10 ways Barbie should dump Ken, top 5 nail salons in your area etc…. I think it is because most people are sequential in their thoughts and lists are sequential and they provide information quickly. So list away.

    Happy New Year

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