Bella, Sister to Stella

Bella is a bit more conservative than her sister stella, but she still makes a statement. Bella is the second piece in the ‘something old, something new’ collection.

Bella is deep blue velvet, waltzing in and out of buttercream glass pearl beads. She is one of a kind, like stella, because of her vintage component. I have attached a golden ivory pearl flower from the 1960’s. She is plush, elegant, classy and fresh all at the same time………Bella is quietly confident, and hopelessly playful…..

What does she say to you?

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  1. The blue is gorgeous! So sweet and classy, :O)

  2. You already know I love the Stella! Bella feels like her uptown sister that you would wear for a Park Ave mixer!

  3. I think the blue used here is beautiful.

    For all things fashion:

  4. i like it very much. and i also like yout style

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