…..and you party on…..

Introducing the first two pieces in the newest Twillypop collection: Partywear. A collection with the holidays in mind, but these girls don’t like to be painted with just one brush…..They’ll go anywhere, any time of the year……

Meet Eddy and Holly. Can you guess who’s who? They both are……..a ‘who’s who’, that is. You know the type, at every party, always get noticed. People always talking about them, wanting to be near them….socialites extraordinaire.

Holly is luxe double sided black satin ribbon, dancing around bright, ‘kiss me red’ glass pearl beads. Classic lines, bold color and what every girl needs.

Eddy is ever the sophisticate. She is thick black satin ribbon, adorned with blue swarovski bicone crystals….and because she doen’t know how to quit, she’s donned herself with a single mini tuxedo bow.

Who do they think they are?

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  1. Very sweet/sophisticated and perfect for parties. Great additions!

  2. I picked out my favorite one right away and then you gave the description. You were so right on..I’m an Eddy!! Love the colors in both of them!

  3. Love the bold color pops! :O)

  4. ooh, those are gorgeous!

  5. I’ve just passed you an award! hope you got my e mail re the review x

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