Betsy and Sophia Sing the Crystal Blues

All the Twillypop necklaces are going to have names, simply because it’s more fun that way….and to be completely honest, fun is what Twillypop is all about….

Crystal Blues likes to get a little dressy……navy and aqua satin interspersed with two different sizes of cracked quartz crystal balls………

Sophia is simple, yet elegant…sweet guava ribbon, gently kissed with mocha, interrupted with white glass pearl beads…

This is Betsy…..Isn’t she too much? Navy satin pearl ribbon, oversized champagne glass pearl beads and a perfectly placed pumpkin bow….alliteration, anyone?

If someone doesn’t take her soon I may just have to cave and start wearing her myself…

The Betsy is a tie closure so is basically adjustable and can be worn at varying lengths.
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  1. I’m lovin’ it! :O)

  2. I love how you make use of ribbons in your designs! 🙂

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