Five Things You Need To Know About Fitness

gym selfie2a

I’ve told you before that my mind is busy. Like, so busy. And earlier this week I got going on a topic (all in my head, mind you) that I feel strongly about. I literally spent […]

The Best Handmade Stocking Stuffer Collection (if I do say so myself)

2014 best handmade stocking stuffers

It’s SO that time of year and if you know me at all, you KNOW I’m a sucker for a fantastically stuffed stocking. This year is no exception. Just take a look at the fun […]

Free Twillypop Necklace With $50 Purchase

free twillypop necklace

Just popping in to tell you about a special I’ll be running in my etsy shop from now until December 14th, 2014. With every twillypop purchase of $50 or more, you’ll receive a FREE navy blue […]

The Good Old Days

andy bernard quote2

When I heard this quote at the end of the final episode of The Office, all I could think was, “YES!” Because.  I realize as I look back over my life, that I have , […]

4 Reasons I Reopened My Etsy Shop and a $100 Shop Credit Giveaway

Enter to win a $100 Twillypop shop credit

So, I opened up shop. Again. Being a bit of a realist, with a sarcastic slant, I can’t help but wonder if there was some sort of collective *eye roll* at the announcement of opening […]

Morsels of Deliciousness: A Truffle Giveaway

kreations truffles

I mean, who couldn’t use more chocolate in their life? ESPECIALLY handcrafted, rich & dreamy, specialty chocolates?? That’s what I thought. Well, today you’ve come to the right place. YOU could be the winner of […]

Quotes I Love #1

No one can make you feel inferior

Today I’m starting a brand new series simply to share a quote that inspires me, makes me smile, or just to gets me thinking…….. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” I heard this quoted in a movie recently […]