Flash Sale Friday (11/6-11/7)


The flash sale I’m offering this weekend is OUT OF HAND… Get a Genevieve necklace in YOUR choice of TONS of colors, practical or punchy,  for only $18 w/FREE US SHIPPING! What a fantastic opportunity to […]

Pumpkin Spice Oat & Greek Yogurt Muffins

pumpkin greek yogurt muffin 001b

I feel like I’m perpetually on a search for something yum that won’t completely undo a healthy eating lifestyle. I like yum stuff and I cannot lie…….(rapping in my head) ……and while I strive to be […]

Fun Stuff Friday Links

blue hair2

It’s been FOREVER and a day since I did a Friday link post. Partly because I’m lame, partly because I hadn’t been spending as much time online, ERGO I didn’t really have any links to […]

Three Free Bracelets

free bracelets

Here’s happy news of an amazing Twillypop deal for YOU! With every purchase of this 3 pack of Twillypop ribbon necklaces, you’ll get 3 FREE matching bracelets! No code necessary! Purchase the package anytime between […]

The Power of a Touch


    ….because sometimes in this technological age I’m left feeling like somehow we’ve forgotten how to be human. We’ve lost touch with the fact that we’re all in this together. People. Living life. With […]

Be Brave Enough


This …………Because someone did this for me just recently. It was an unlikely person, in an unlikely place, at a seemingly unlikely time, but it was perfect. He did nothing other than be himself and […]

Five Things You Need To Know About Fitness

gym selfie2a

I’ve told you before that my mind is busy. Like, so busy. And earlier this week I got going on a topic (all in my head, mind you) that I feel strongly about. I literally spent […]